Vistor is the goddess of weather and storms, and is recognised as a deity throughout Ecril. She is known by the title of ‘The Everchanging’, but is also colloquially referred to as the ‘Mistress of Storms’ and ‘The Sailor’s Whore’.

While Vistor is recognised as a major deity, it is rare to find any form of worship towards her on the mainland. As suggested by her domain, her influence is most notable within sailors and sea-goers, and many of her tales are spread through drunken tongue and shanties. Many of those travelling the oceans will have found their sea-legs through a ritual known as ’Vistor’s Kiss’, where crews would tie the new recruit onto to the mast and leave them out during a rough storm. The tempestuous nature she exhibits upon the mortal world has led to the nickname of The Sailor’s Whore, a crass title that emulates her wild and intimate relationship with those braving the high seas. While some show disdain towards her, most know to revere the power that she wields, and offerings made in her name are not unusual even amongst the most headstrong crews.
Clerical practices surrounding Vistor often manifest themselves through silent worship and small shrines within the bowels off ships. Organised religious practices in her service are rare, and the clerics are illusive. There are those that position themselves upon coast in small, isolated communities, and some that perpetually roam the seas, but any interaction with these groups are fleeting due to their fiery personalities. Small rituals are often held to bless maiden ships, but otherwise those dedicated to Vistor use their gifts sparingly to those outside their communities.
Vistor is often seen as the ‘sister’ to Sallican, as both influence the seas. Sallican is seen as the kinder of the two, whereas Vistor reflects the ocean’s passion. The two are linked colloquially through the titles ‘The Sailor’s Wife’ and ‘The Sailor’s Whore’, the former of the two belonging to Sallican.

Vistor is often an inspiration for many forms of art. While depictions vary, there are many common elements that run throughout all. Vistor is presented as a mature woman, slender is stature. She has soft tanned skin that show no signs of her apparent age. Her hair is brown and wavy, with streaks off silver dispersed throughout that reflect the glow of the sun. Her garb is varied, but she is often presented wearing a long black dress with a slit up the leg. It is not uncommon for paintings to depict her in the nude, with her modesty occasionally being protected with waves or carefully placed storm clouds.

Being the goddess of storms, Vistor is appropriately fervent. An aspect of her domain, she relies on instincts and emotion to justify her actions, an effect that is felt profoundly in the mortal world. Still, many interpret her bouts of destruction as a necessity to the delicate balance innate to existence, and thus view her as a nurturing figure rather than a spiteful one. Like most deities, she does not directly interact with mortals, and thus many of her followers are left to decipher the intentions however they can.


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