The Bronze Hold

The Bronze Hold is the largest of the seven holds that divide the Ecrilian landscape. It is under the control of Lord Cerris Carlyn.

The Bronze Hold was initially divided from the Fields of Man, an area that was designated to the human settlers of southern Ecril by the High King. Along with the construction of Firren, this delegation served as a formal civil alliance between the elves and humans. As Ecril began to develop as a country, the hold was split to satiate the High Kings needs, and to serve the increasing number of human inhabitants in the south. The lordship of the hold was delegated to the Carlyn family, and the leadership still remains in this house at present. The development of this hold was facilitated through the development of many prominent trade routes, with elven merchants travelling down to barter and trade in nearby hubs. Large amounts of produce was yielded during this time due to the establishment of numerous farmlands, which brought steady income to the hold through international trade.
During the Man King’s War, the hold served as important ground for both parties due to it’s positioning. Bridging the incoming armies, the leaders of the hold ultimately remained neutral in the conflict, much to the dismay of the Palestone army, and facilitated the movement of soldiers through the use of military vantage points. When the Man King’s army fell, the Bronze Hold received an influx of support from the High King, and reaped economic benifit, allowing it to grow even further in the fallout.

Residing to the south-west of Ecril, the area encased within the Bronze Hold is vast. The landscape is dotted with greenery and small forested areas, with many trade routes winding their way through. Small amounts of undergrowth and sprouting plant life is evident even upon the most well travelled roads, with only paltry strips of crag interrupting their growth. Plains of muddied yellowed grass also stretch across the hold, allowing ample numbers of crops to grow upon the dampened soil. The brassy colour alluded to within the hold’s name serves as a representation of these pastures, as the title substitutes the dull brown with a triumphant bronze. While the landscape is predominantly flat, it is not unusual to see large hills within the area.
The weather is rather consistent within this part of Ecril, as clouds splutter light right on a usual basis. Days of pure sunshine are rare around southern Ecril, and are to be cherished. Snow falls very occasionally in the area, but events such as this are unusual.
Cities and towns of the Bronze Hold are scattered along the main roads that span the continent. The main city, Firren, lies at the heart of the hold, and links many of these main roads. There are also many port towns along the coast that provide for these cities.

The Bronze Hold was inherited by the Carlyn family when the Fields of Man split, and the bloodline has remained within the lordship to the current day. While the strict title is that of a lord, each ruler of the hold has labelled themselves “king” regardless of the accuracy of the statement. The Hold is currently under the rule of Lord Cerris Carlyn, first son of Aldus Carlyn. The Carlyn bloodline are known for their political diplomacy and general non-committal attitude, traits that have been inherited by the current heir. This has been perceived in varied ways, with some applauding their agreeableness, while others scold their lack of a spine and uncaring attitude. They have come under particular scrutiny with the families of Palestone. While their are a number of notable noble families within the hold, leadership has always fallen directly upon the Carlyn’s.
Notable members of this family include the current lord Cerris Carlyn, Raymond Carlyn (known as Raymond the Young), and Chestin Carlyn (known as Chestin the Wise, or the Coward King).

The Bronze Hold

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